An inside look at the renovations to Bryant-Denny Stadium

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An inside look at the renovations to Bryant-Denny Stadium

Two years and $107 million later, Bryant-Denny Stadium has completed its long-awaited renovations and on Thursday allowed the media to take a look at its new upgrades.

To kick things off Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne led the herd through the team’s new tunnel that it will travel into from the walk of champions. The tunnel will also be the entrance used for when the Crimson Tide welcomes in its new recruits and show them the flashy video on the left-hand side of the tunnel.

The roughly two and a half minute video played showed flashes of some of the top highlights of the Nick Saban era, as well as quotes from the team’s head coach, a list of every All-America player as well as a list of every player who has made it to the NFL.

Next up was the team’s new locker room where Saban will address the team every game. At the top of each individual locker are the player’s name, position, home state, and number.

Mac Jones new locker in Bryant-Denny StadiumDeVonta Smith new locker in Bryant-Denny Stadium

“One of the things you want from a locker room standpoint and you see with the tunnel, is when recruits come in and fans come in on tours, you want it to pop,” said Byrne on Thursday. “I think everybody would agree that this pops, and it shows you the excitement of Alabama football and Alabama athletics and it shows a lot of the history.”

Continuing with recruits in mind, the media was escorted up a flight of stairs to the brand new recruiting area for the incoming prospects of the Crimson Tide that has doubled in size from 6,000 square feet up to 12,000 square feet.

Along the walls were multiple flat-screen TVs as well as photos of past Alabama captains, conference championships and another long list of the myriad of former players who have made it to the NFL.

The final portion of the tour took the media up to the press box where all of their work will be completed. The press box has been relocated from the center of the 50-yard line to closer to the corner, but still boasts a wide view of the field to see all of the action.

Other renovations to the stadium include:

  • Four corner videoboards replaced with 60 percent larger screens
  • Addition of several new premium areas including loge boxes, Champions Club, Terrace Club, new skyboxes and Founders Suites
  • Student social area added at ground-level on the south side with upgraded concessions and charging stations
  • Press box relocated to the east side
  • Addition of elevators and stairs on the west side
  • Addition of east side ADA seating
  • Expanded concourse on the west upper deck

“You always have to reinvest in your success,” said Byrne. “And one of the worst things we could do is just stand pat and say, ‘Well we’re Alabama. We’re gonna be fine.’ You always have to say, ‘What are our next steps to stay ahead of the competition?’ And quite frankly, some of our locker room areas, some of the different areas that our student-athletes are in on a daily basis, and also including, they were starting to show their age.

“So it was time to update, upgrade, and I think you can see with the renovations here in the locker room at Bryant-Denny, the locker rooms at Mal Moore, the Sports Science Center, the tunnel … it’s gonna be a great way to showcase the University of Alabama.”

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Patrick Dowd is a Reporter for Touchdown Alabama Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter, via Pat_Dowd77

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An inside look at the renovations to Bryant-Denny Stadium

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