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 Depending on the price of the piece, it may make sense to pay a neutral third-party to complete the report on condition. weddingup wedding up Website joyfulwedding 

 service will likely be at your expense.

 Art collectors who have the Artwork Archive Premier Collector plan can digitally archive the condition reports for their art pieces by making use of the “additional” files joyful wedding Website finallaw


 Don’t think that the artist has signed the work.

 Some artists do not sign their work, and collectors may not know. An unsigned work can cause problems later on, especially in the case of a dispute.

 in the event of resale. Before purchasing, confirm that you have been notified that the work has actually been authenticated.

 final law Website lawprofessional 

 If the work isn’t signed by the artist, it’s a good idea to request an official Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that is which is signed by the artist.

 The sticker is signed by the artist and is attached to the reverse of the piece. These stickers will not list the price of the item, however they should include its title and the year.

 the process, its medium, and dimensions.

law professional Website lawsure law sure Website

 Some artist estates have ceased offering COAs. However so long as the artist still living, any reputable gallery should be able to provide an COA at the time of